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  • Do you only work with SAP?
    ​Our primary focus is within the field of SAP security, Basis, governance, risk management and controls. We do however also provide cybersecurity, open source intelligence and support desk services for non-SAP systems also.
  • What Services Do RapidGRC Offer?
    We offer consulting and support services to organisations that run SAP. Our services cover Cybersecurity, Access Controls, Process Controls, Identity Management, Training, Risk Management, Audit Management.
  • What are the benefits of RapidGRC’s Rapid Deployment Solution for SAP Access Controls?
    Our Rapid Deployment Solution for Access Controls is a well-designed approached which can save an organisation time and effort by effectively managing and validating user access to applications and data across the IT landscape. Our pre-configured solutions offer organisations the ability to operate better and faster using our fixed scope implementation service which combines the SAP software with best practice and our years of experience in this area.
  • How strong should my password be?
    ​As strong as possible. At RapidGRC we recommend an SAP password should be a minimum of eight characters and contain a mixture of uppercase, lowercase letters, numerical values and special characters. If you feel that your password settings are not up to standard, call us for a consultation and some advice.
  • Why is understanding Process Controls so important to a successful SAP Implementation?
    SAP GRC Process Controls allow organisations to understand and strengthen their internal control systems at a higher level. This tools used by RapidGRC are designed to enable organisations to automate their compliance management processes on an enterprise wide scale. It gives real-time continuous visibility and serves as a central repository for existing control frameworks. Within the tool is the ability to store testing and sign-off evidence, set alerts when specific controls need to be tested, document remediation plans and store audits relating to changes.
  • Can RapidGRC provide a quick solution to our organisations SAP projects
    We can provide some of the industries best consultants to boost your governance, risk and compliance requirements
  • Can RapidGRC assist our organisation to help quickly resolve our SAP access controls issues?
    RapidGRC have developed its own proprietary RDS solution for SAP GRC Access Controls, exponentially reducing implementation times.
  • Are you looking for additional people?
    Yes, we are always looking for highly skilled and friendly resources to help us. We are a growing company and would love to hear from you. Please visit our careers page for additional information.
  • Can my organisation reduce the costs of its SAP implementation?
    At RapidGRC we are focused on helping customers to reduce the cost of managing GRC & security related operations. Call us to learn about our passion for helping you to get more for less, and examples of where we have achieved this. We have innovative solutions for expediting projects, minimising the cost of on-going support, reducing project costs and can also advise you on the best use of technology to automate processes and ensure compliance.
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