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  • Access Risk Analysis (ARA)

  • Emergency Access Management (EAM)

  • Access Request Management (ARM)


  • Implement SAP Access Control 10.1

  • Deploy standard SAP access risk rule sets

  • Provide SAP tools to analyse access risk and investigate root causes

  • Continuous access risk analysis and monitoring practice


  • Deployed in 4-6 Weeks

Cost (from)


Access Risk Analysis (ARA)

  • Standard SAP access risk matrix

  • Real-time risk analysis (SoD and sensitive access) reporting

  • Review access violation dashboards and reports

  • Simulation capabilities for changes to user and role assignments to assist in prevention of additional violations

  • Create and assign mitigation controls

  • Schedule SoD / sensitive access reviews and facilitate follow-up actions

Emergency Access Management (EAM)

  • Centralised EAM Management Cockpit

  • Workflow process to request, approve, and provision firefighter emergency access (1 stage approval)

  • Monitor and log firefighter activities

  • Workflow process to review actions performed and managing exceptions

  • Reduction in lead time required to grant emergency access privileges and reviewing of exceptions


  • 2 Stage Workflow approvals e.g. Line Manager and Role Owner

  • Active Directory (AD) integration*

  • Request Types Included:

  • New User Process

  • Change / Delete Access

  • PSS

  • EAM Request

  • Custom Role Routing / Auto Provisioning for “No Risk” roles predefined by client

  • Template Based Requests

  • SNC variable construct (if required)

  • User Default Config (new User Request)*


GRC Training

Whatever your training needs, RapidGRC will tailor make a series of training sessions to support your requirement. Our expert consultants will come to the location of your choice and deliver the training in familiar surroundings to ensure an optimum learning environment.

The training can be designed to target a specific area of interest or ongoing projects or even just refreshers for existing enhancement functionality. We offer a high level overview of GRC features and tools for those clients who are considering adding new SAP tools to their in house application suite.

Flexible Support Options

  • Managed Service

  • Flexible Support Credits

  • Ad-Hoc Support Consulting


Our #RETROFIT solutions are totally unique in our industry and the team are pleased to be able to offer this to our customers. 

When one of the team at RapidGRC identify improvements to standard GRC functionality, identify common areas for improvement, or when we collectively design a solution to improve SAP GRC elements, we will #RetroFit the solution for free* to the clients who feel this will be beneficial. 

Root Cause Analysis & Remediation Planning

  • Investigate access risk root cause: e.g. excessive access

Provide Access Risk root cause analysis report and recommendations

  • Further analyse the possible remediation and mitigation actions: fix role design defects; adjust user-role assignment, improve business processes or deploy mitigation controls

Develop remediation & mitigation plan detailing tasks and actions required to be carried out to address pressing access risks

Remediation Services

  • Execute on Remediation Plan

  • Provide fixes to existing role design defects; recommend user-role assignment amendments, or deploy mitigation controls

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