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A comprehensive and well-designed approached to Access Controls can save an organisation time and effort by effectively managing and validating user access to applications and data across the IT landscape.

The SAP access management software will assist your organisation to embed the correct level of checks to monitor and certify user access activities.

// How RapidGRC can help with SAP Access Controls:


The team at RapidGRC have extensive experience within the area of Access Controls garnered over multiple projects across the globe. We have ensured that our clients can identify, remediate and prevent access risk violations. This allows the real-time visibility that clients require, helping them to identify and close out risk and reduce the cost of compliance.

RapidGRC are experts in this area helping your organisation with the planning, implementation and set-up of the Access Controls module helping to ensure a smooth implementation and maximum return for your investment.

“Analytical and dedicated consultants, delivering high quality work” 

Global Change Director, FMCG

// RapidGRC can use the Access Controls toolset to help organisations achieve:

  • Real-time detection and remediation of access violations across both the SAP and Non-SAP systems.

  • The creation of a comprehensive audit trail or user and role based control activities.

  • Mandatory risk mitigation and compliance checks linked to existing business processes.

  • The automation of user access reviews, risk violations and control assignments.

  • Efficiently manage, control and centralise super-user access through a closed loop process.

For more information, or to discuss how we can assist with your access controls requirement needs please email us.

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