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Regular compliance checks of an organisations ERP system can be a struggle for internal and external audit teams in terms of the time, resources and skills required.

RapidGRC have the experience and tools required to help organisations meet a variety of audit requirements, improve quality, document evidence and make the whole process easier and cost effective.

// How RapidGRC can help with SAP Audit Management:


The Audit Management module from SAP is designed to automate internal auditing procedures, document evidence and create audit reports. Our team of highly experienced consultants have spent a great deal of time being involved in ERP system audits and have the skills to improve the effectiveness of documented auditable results across the SAP and Non-SAP landscape.

RapidGRC can help your organisation with the planning, set-up and execution of the audit management processes helping to ensure a smooth planning, reporting time, results and maximum return for your investment.

“Diligent in getting through a great deal of work to meet tight deadlines.” 

Head of IT Services & Operations, FMCG

// RapidGRC can use SAP Audit Management to help organisations with:

  • Automation of the internal audit procedures, improving reporting time and helping to cut overall costs.

  • Engage with more effectively with both internal and external auditing teams using user friendly collaboration tools.

  • The creation, tracking and management of audit issues with global monitoring and follow-up thus ensuring better results.

  • Maximise staff utilisation and reduce costs by improving audit planning, resource management and scheduling.

  • Help an organisation's internal teams perform timely risk assessments and collaborate with peers more effectively leading to improved processes.

For more information, or to discuss how we can assist with your audit management requirement needs please email us.

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