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Having an effective SAP cyber-security strategy reduces the risk of a cyber-attack and protects organisations from exploitation of SAP business-critical software.

Utilise our RapidTrack ETD program today and find out how to increase the security of your company.

Traditional defences no longer provide sufficient protection for SAP business-critical software.
More exposure to risk:

Interconnected systems, mobile applications

Increased interest in SAP software by cybercriminals

Threats from inside nullify technical precautions

Attackers will penetrate to your critical systems:

Will you notice?

What will you do then?

Our “RapidTrack for SAP Enterprise Threat Detection” provides everything you need to get started.


SAP Enterprise Threat Detection helps you identify cyber-attacks as they are happening and analyses the threats quickly enough to neutralise them before serious damage occurs.

RapidTrack ETD
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