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Changing The Way SAP ETD is Implemented.

SAP Enterprise Threat Detection solution helps to Safeguard your business by identifying and analysing threats.


SAP Enterprise Threat Detection helps you identify cyber-attacks as they are happening and analyses the threats quickly enough to neutralise them before serious damage occurs.

Configuration of Enterprise Threat Detection

Pre-defined workspace content inc. patterns

Reduces risk of cyber-attack

Solution scalability and integration

Accelerated delivery


With RapidGRC’s “RapidTrack for SAP Enterprise Threat Detection solution you benefit from the combination of SAP software, a proven entry point for your GRC journey, RapidGRC’s wealth of implementation experience.

Move from reactive, resource intensive monitoring activities to proactive pattern recognition and evaluation of common and custom attack scenarios. Fully customisable to suit your needs and own catalogue of checks.


Increase business performance by integrating SAP Enterprise Threat Detection (ETD) with your existing SAP landscape to simplify security monitoring and intrusion detection of your critical business applications and tasks and reduce your total cost of ownership:

Proactively reduce the risk of cyber-attack on critical SAP business applications

Can integrate with your existing SAP investment in compliance tools

Provide a transparent, reportable environment for stakeholders

Prove accountability with evidence that your organisation is conducting operations effectively and responsibly


If you would like to find out more about the RapidGRC – RapidTrack for Enterprise Threat Detection, please email us:

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