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To understand risk, an organisation needs to understand not only their appetite for risk but what the impact of risk has on business value and reputation.

The SAP Risk Management software will help support an organisations approach to risk identification, assessment, analysis and monitoring. This will help to align risk events with their potential consequences allowing organisations to make responsible and risk aware decisions.

// How RapidGRC can help with Risk Management:


We understand risk and what this means for organisations. How this has negative effects upon the financial and reputational stability, security and ability to deliver its products and services. The team at RapidGRC can help identify and assess risk opportunities as they arise, develop an effective response strategy and monitor the progress of these strategies.

Let the experts at RapidGRC work alongside your in-house teams with the planning, implementation and set-up of the SAP Risk Management module helping to ensure a smooth implementation and maximum return for your investment.

“Positive attitude with the ability to work alongside diverse teams coupled with the drive to deliver ensured the goals where met on time.” 

Global Cyber Security Leader, FMCG

// RapidGRC can use the SAP Risk Management toolset to help organisations:

  • Create value by identifying enterprise wide risk factors and aligning them with business processes.

  • Assess and analyse risks in terms probability and magnitude of impact.

  • Embed reports and analytics to track the effectiveness of risk management decisions.

  • Continuously monitor risks using the latest SAP HANA-based key risk indicators (KRI’s).

  • Identify and plan the major milestones of implementation and upgrades.

For more information, or to discuss how we can assist with your risk management requirement needs please email us.

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