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To understand what makes us great at what we do, you should first understand why we do it

We have a passion and desire to provide the best service and support to all our clients.


Our passion has been nurtured over many years and on multiple global projects. We can see that the consultancy and support requirements of clients are changing. With change, comes challenge and our approach is flexible enough to meet these challenges head-on and deliver on client expectations.


We deliver these changes by building trusted relationships with our customers and maintaining a team of highly skilled consultants, who utilise their skillsets to deliver a world class service and are passionate about doing so. We thrive on challenge, bringing to client engagements a level of skill and confidence that is clear to see.


To provide the best SAP Compliance Solutions to every one of our clients, and do so with pride, passion and quality.


To provide our clients with an exceptional customer experience.

RapidGRC provide consulting and support services to organisations that run SAP.

For more information about the services we offer please email us:

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