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SAP GRC Process Controls allows organisations to understand and strengthen their internal controls systems to a much higher level.

This tool is designed to enable organisations to automate their compliance management processes on an enterprise wide scale. It gives real-time continuous visibility and serves as a central repository to the organisations existing control frameworks.

// How RapidGRC can help with SAP Process Control:


The Process Control module from SAP is designed to help protect businesses with an advancement in continuous control and compliance monitoring. Our team will use their extensive knowledge to improve the effectiveness and response times of your internal control processes across the SAP and Non-SAP landscape.

RapidGRC can help your organisation with the planning and set-up of the Process Control module helping to ensure a smooth implementation and maximum return for your investment.

“Impresses with the professionalism and positive attitude towards the challenges faced, real team work approach.” 

Service Controls Manger, FMCG

// RapidGRC can use Process Controls to help organisations achieve:

  • Scalability and support for multiple controls and compliance problems across a Production landscape.

  • Improve the efficiency of these controls by identifying, prioritising and focusing the relevant resources on the key business risks and processes.

  • Work real-time visibility and stability into all compliance and internal control processes, speeding up audit cycles and reduce costs with automation.

  • Detect issues earlier by proactively analysing control failures, establish and monitor remediation controls.

  • Comply with a range of regulations including:

    • Anti-bribery and corruption (e.g. FCPA)

    • Financial compliance (SOX, JSOX etc.)

    • IT Controls (e.g. CobIT)

    • Industry requirements such as Basel II, FDA (GxP), FERC and more

For more information, or to discuss how we can assist with your process controls requirement needs please email us.

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