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The SAP Netweaver Identity Management tool (IdM) allows an organisation to fully manage user access to both SAP and Non-SAP systems across their IT landscape throughout the lifetime of an individual’s employment with the organisation.

The IdM tool integrates with Access Controls processes and workflows to check for compliance issues, risk analysis, segregation of duties conflicts and risk mitigation connected with the access roles assigned to user accounts.

// How RapidGRC can help with SAP Identity Management:


RapidGRC has a team of experienced and capable Identity Management consultants who will assist clients wishing to reduce risk and centrally manage user access across their IT enterprise. The Identity Management programme will ensure your operations continue to run smoothly and boost productivity through role based user access, password self-service, approval workflows and more.

For more information, or to discuss how we can assist with your identity management requirement needs please email us.

RapidGRC can help your organisation with the planning, implementation and set-up of the Identity Management module helping to ensure a smooth implementation and maximum return for your investment.

“Pleasant, focused, committed and knowledgeable. We have benefited from the changes made.” 

Project Manager, Health & Safety

// RapidGRC can use the Identity Management Toolset to help organisations:

  • Plan the installation or upgrade in a comprehensive and effective manner.

  • Reduce risk with a centralised identity and access management toolset.

  • Grant, manage and maintain user access to heterogenous applications across the landscape, securely and efficiently.

  • Increase efficiency with enhanced functionality and integrated business processes.

  • Up skill in-house teams through knowledge transfer workshops and step-by-step education programmes.

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